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Very Helpful Insights

I corresponded with John during my Deed in Lieu application with my mortgage company. He explained to me about details on what to do and what will happen with the process. And he was frank enough to refer me to another lawyer in another field of expertise as my situation warrants, Thank you John.

John is an excellent attorney and a stellar colleague.

I've known Mr. Stimson for the last five years as a fellow board member and officer of the Association of Foreclosure Defense Attorneys. Mr. Stimson is a tenacious and tireless representative on behalf of his clients, whether in foreclosure or otherwise. He is knowledgeable, conscientious, and extremely well-versed in the area of foreclosure law in Illinois. Although we are, in a very real sense, competitors, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to a homeowner in need of excellent foreclosure defense counsel.

Excellent services support and counselor

John Stimson is an amazing and trustworthy legal attorney and counselor. My home was almost lost due to foreclosure. Mr. Stimson together with a financial services provider worked to get me loan modification and saved my home. I will be forever grateful. He fully explained the process and motions and I never had to attend any court dates. Fabulous attorney services and would highly recommend him.

Totally satisfied with the high quality services received!!

Mr. Stimson has provided his expertise in a variety of legal services for me since 2012. I'd found him to be professional, courteous, thorough, supportive, and experienced with every legal issue I had. He always ensured that my rights were protected, as well as understanding the rights of others involved in my cases. With his assistance, I was able to save my home, handle family challenges, and settle delicate situations in a fair and proper manner. Nothing sugar-coated or rose colored glasses here. I've always received the truth on the legal system, so I could make the right decisions and take the right actions in a timely manner.

Definitely help me to keep my stress level down!

I would recommend him to anyone who want their legal situations handled right, the first time!

Excellent Lawyer, trustworthy, reliable.

Me and my family were worried about loosing our dream home in foreclosure, John kept his promise to keep us in home till our financials improve and can negotiate modification. He is still helping us negotiate.

Foreclosure Defense

Mr. Stimson has been assisting me and my wife in the defense of a foreclosure and has kept me in my home while working on a loan modification. I am very pleased with the work he has done for us. I will recommend him to anyone who is facing foreclosure.

10 Star Attorney

My home was undergoing foreclosure and John helped me keep my house. He also helped lower my 2nd mortgage payment by negotiating with Citifinancial AND he also helped me to get hired by advising me to call the hiring attorney to follow-up, which I did with John Stimson's advice. John is also very friendly and easy to talk to and he cares about his clients. I am a legal secretary and in my 20 years experience those are not common traits. John is an exception.

Saved my home from foreclosure. What others could not do without driving me crazy.

Mr. Stimson did what government agency could not. He is a true professional. My husband and I tried all other options with the bank and the agency's. The bank kept giving them and me the run around. We tried repeatedly to send them the information I have boxes of copies that were sent to the agency and the bank I was so discouraged. John assured me he and his staff would do their best and we would not lose our home. He was true to his word. He could not reach us easily and yet he never walked away from our case. I cannot express how thankful we are. Lenora is kind, courteous a great negotiator. Our mortgage was at 8% its now 3.5. Thank you John so very much for saving us and our little cottage. You will be on speed dial for any legal help for me and my friends. May God bless you and your family and staff. Thanks again.