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Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Foreclosure is a frightening prospect to deal with. It means the potential loss of your home and can cause significant stress as you try to determine what to do. Situations such as these may seem hopeless at first, but you have the opportunity to fight back with the aid of a foreclosure defense attorney.

When you need to find a foreclosure attorney near me, contact The Law Office of John F. Stimson. John has extensive experience dealing with foreclosure law in the Chicago, IL area. He gives aggressive, effective representation in order to help you win your case. When facing foreclosure, don’t try and fight alone. Call John today and get a free 15-minute consultation.

Chicago, IL Foreclosure Attorney

If you fear you’ll face foreclosure on your home — or if you’ve already received a notice — don’t panic. Foreclosure can be fought, but the important thing is to remain calm. The first thing to do when you’re facing foreclosure is to learn more about foreclosure law. Illinois is what’s known as a judicial state, which means that your case will be brought before the court automatically. This gives homeowners a slight advantage, as they don’t have to file a lawsuit in order to protest their case. It’s important to become familiar with Illinois foreclosure law in order to ensure you are managing everything properly. In addition, there are several things you can do to help your case:

  • Call your mortgage servicer as soon as it seems like foreclosure may be imminent.

  • Keep a record of all conversations between you and your servicer.

  • Act as soon as something goes wrong, as this is the best way to help save your home.

  • Respond promptly to all letters and phone calls from your servicer.

  • Double-check what your servicer does and see if they make any mistakes.

  • Call a foreclosure defense attorney to receive assistance.

Foreclosure can be intimidating, and even doing what you can to understand foreclosure law may not be enough. By searching for a foreclosure attorney near me, you can receive extra support, and have someone to fight in court for your rights. If you’re searching for an attorney in Chicago, IL, then call The Law Office of John F. Stimson and receive your free 15-minute consultation.

Fight for the Right to Stay in Your Home

Foreclosure Attorney Near Me

John Stimson is an experienced foreclosure defense attorney who is committed to helping his clients. He will fight aggressively for your rights to ensure they’re upheld. He has extensive knowledge of foreclosure law, and so knows what strategies are best to help you achieve a positive outcome. His services are available in the following areas:

  • Chicago, IL

  • Waukegan, IL

  • Long Grove, IL

  • Lake Forest, IL

  • Des Plaines, IL

  • Arlington Heights, IL

  • Skokie, IL

  • Cook County, IL

  • Lake County, IL

When you need assistance with foreclosure law, it’s important to contact a qualified attorney. As such, when you’re looking for a foreclosure attorney near me, consider calling John Stimson. Contact him today and get your free 15-minute consultation.

Chicago Area Foreclosure Defense Attorney

When you hire a foreclosure defense attorney, there are several potential routes they may take in order to defend your case. Some of the most common include:

  • Proving that the servicer didn’t follow foreclosure procedures correctly.

  • Showing that the servicer cannot prove who owns the loan.

  • Showing that you have a mortgage modification plan.

  • Addressing special protections you may have if you’re currently part of the military.

It is important to discuss foreclosure law with your attorney in order to put together a strong defense. When you need an attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights, work with John Stimson. John will discuss your case with you and let you know what the best course of action is for your situation. Please consider calling today for your free 15-minute consultation.